Monday, March 31, 2014

Week in review 24-30 March -- Murphy's Law week of training

You get an extra chart this week just to illustrate how lame my totals are:

(The total on the left is minutes, not hours. Ha!)

There's not much to say about this week since there wasn't much training. Not sleeping, lifeguard truancy, being sick and then going out of town made for a frustrating week training-wise.

Swim: Nothing.

Bike: One 75-minute ride on the trainer.

Run: One 3-mile easy run on the treadmill.

Other: I DID do my mid-week weights video. And I'm totally counting a 40-minute dog walk last night just because I have nothing else.

Overall: About 3 and a half hours. Blah. However, I'll take three lessons away from this week: 1. Take care of yourself when you're not feeling well, 2. Don't skimp on sleep... or you'll have to deal with number 1, and 3. Once in a while, things just don't work out. Let it go and move on.

On to next week.

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