Monday, March 17, 2014

Hitting it hard after three-ish days off

I was out of town for much of this weekend for my annual St. Patrick's Day family gathering, and partly because of that I didn't get in one single workout. When I realized I was going to get back into town earlier than expected, I called my boss, told him to cancel the rest of my day off, fired up the computer, and --

HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. I couldn't even type that with a straight face. I used the remainder of the day to squeeze in as much training as possible and get this week off to a great start.

(But seriously folks, it was an approved day off. I had my backups in place and everyone had my cell phone number in case of emergencies. Sorry I'm not sorry for not feeling guilty about taking my day off even if it didn't turn out as planned.)

Stop No. 1 was the pool. I swam for an amazing 3200 m, two miles (for all intents and purposes), my longest distance swimming EVER! And it was a great workout too, really pushing myself at the end to the point of almost barfing. And yes, I know "normal" people would think it strange to consider almost barfing a great workout.

Then, after a snack and a bit of downtime, I was off to my treadmill. I cranked out a few easy miles, with the first in my Pure Cadences. Fewer foot cramps this time, but I still changed shoes after one mile to be safe.

After my run were my plyo exercises. I managed to do three sets of 20 reps of each move except for 12 of these rocket jumps, which kick my butt every time. (Seriously, I've gotten glute cramps so bad I've ended up laying on the floor, laugh/crying, trying to explain to my husband what is wrong with my rear end.)

We decided to order in dinner so I did some self-guided yoga stretching until that was ready. I have a ton of yoga downloads, but I find I do better at squeezing it into my day if I just do it on my own. I concentrated on forward bends and downward dogs for the hamstrings, runner's lunges for the psoas, pigeons (hurts so good) for the hips, and twists to try to loosen up my back.

THEN, after dinner, I did my hip and ankle pre-hab exercises.

Whew! An awesome day of training and getting lots of those "oddball" things into the schedule when they'd normally be less of a priority than swim, bike and run.

And, more great news: It's expected to get into the 40s tomorrow! Barring disaster I WILL be going for a run after work to enjoy the "warm" temps and sunshine. Dare I say that spring is on its way?

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