Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week in review: 10-16 March -- Let's forget the weekend even happened

Well well. By looking at my chart, you MIGHT think I spent an amazing amount of time swimming this week. Nope! I just completely dropped off the training radar this weekend. But, I got a lot of much-needed rest and spent today out of town with family, so it wasn't a complete loss.

Swim: Three times this week for about an hour each time for 6600 total meters (a bit over 4 miles) and three hours total. Nice job.

Bike: Twice during week for an hour and 15 minutes each time, two and a half hours total. This week I slept through my usual Saturday long block of trainer time. Oh well.

Run: Two shorter runs this week -- one easy jog with my husband and one quick run with one mile in my new Pure Cadences, for a total of 6 miles in just over an hour. This week I was out of town for my usual Sunday long block of run time... sensing a pattern here? However, I can't shake a stick at two mid-week runs after I had been in the habit of one or zero.

Other: A weights video Wednesday night per my routine, plus one round of plyo moves, for about an hour and a half total. No pre-hab or yoga this week.

Overall: Just longer than 8 hours, which is a light week for me.

I can't be mad at myself for a two-and-a-half-hour nap on Saturday. Obviously I needed the rest. It had been a long week, and I hadn't slept well Thursday night, so I was still running on fumes. And I can't be mad at myself for going out of town to spend St. Patrick's Day weekend with my family, like I have done nearly every year I've been alive.

I admit that I haven't made running long a priority since I decided to "downgrade" to a 10K this April. My tri in May is an Olympic -- also a 10K run -- and if I do go through with a half-Iron distance in August, I'd already be doing 18-20-milers by then in preparation for my fall full. So I guess I'm just not worried about it.

Right now, I need to be focused on consistent swimming; consistent biking; consistent weight lifting; squeezing in pre-hab, yoga and plyo exercises; and taking advantage of every warm-ish day to get outside and enjoy myself in my running shoes once again. I'll add the distance and speed slowly and surely.

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