Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week in review: 3-9 March -- A good start and a disappointing end

I got this week off to a great start. Aside from an issue that popped up Monday night, I rocked two-a-days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday. I was on a roll!

Then, by Sunday, I had so much running around to do that I didn't get even one mile in. Bah!

Let's take a look.

Swim: Three times this week for just under an hour each time. Nice job.

Bike: Three times this week for an hour and 15 minutes twice during the week, and two and a half hours on Saturday. I broke up the long ride by reading magazines and listening to podcasts for the first half, then screwing around on my tablet for the second. I still managed to do some decent intervals through all that. Nice job.

Run: Good news: I got three, THREE, mid-week runs in of about 3 miles each. Yes! Bad news: My errands around town today means I did not get my longer run in at all. Bah.

Other: Weights video Wednesday and full-body weights Saturday keeps up that good momentum. The only other "other" I did was ankle-strengthening exercises during a conference call and one round of my plyo moves.

Overall: About 12 and a quarter hours, which overall is a very nice week for me. I just wish I had that long run to add.

I did meet my goals from last week of making all my swim, bike, mid-week run and weights time in, so that counts for something. I'm still struggling to find the time to add in yoga and the like.

Here's the half-Ironman time split chart for women in my age group:

And how it compares to my week without the "other":

I really can't complain, and honestly, I can't let myself feel too bad for taking a family and errand day. This isn't my job: It's a hobby that I fit into my free time, and nothing more.

I just keep trying to get better and better, a little bit at a time.

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