Saturday, March 1, 2014

February in review: Not too shabby

I might be having a hard time getting up early on Fridays to hit the pool, or squeezing in speed runs, but February was a success in a few other training areas. I'll take it!

I hadn't started this blog at the beginning of February so you'll just have to take my word on what my goals were.

Swim goal: 3 times a week for a total of 16 miles
Swim actual: 8 total swims (averaging 2 times a week) for a total of almost 11 miles
Swim thoughts: Eh, I'd have liked to do more, but I'm still getting in the water regularly. Not going to beat myself up over this one.

Bike goal: 3 times a week (rollers), long on Saturday
Bike actual: 3 times a week (rollers), long on Saturday
Bike thoughts: Success! This is the one thing I can hit consistently. Somehow, dragging myself out of bed doesn't seem so painful if I'm just stumbling to the living room.

Run goal: 3-4 times a week, build speed work, build long runs
Run actual: 2-3 times a week, a couple of speed runs, built long runs to 8 miles
Run thoughts: I'd still like to get in a few more easy and speedy mid-week runs, but I'm getting there.

Other goal: Yoga, weights, plyo, and pre-hab regularly
Other actual: Did yoga once, which was better than my previous streak of zero. Did my plyo moves three times. Only did my pre-hab exercises once. But I did a weights video every Wednesday and full-body heavy moves every weekend.
Other thoughts: I'm thrilled I was able to keep with a steady weights schedule, and I'm satisfied with going through my plyo moves three times (although ideally I'd like to do them 2-3 times a week). Yoga and pre-hab are still lacking, though.

Overall: There were only two days all month where I did nothing (Valentine's Day and recovering from a blood sugar crash). That's a 92.8% daily workout rate. =)

Goals for March:
Bike and weights: Keep up the good work. Res firma mitescere nescit.
Run, swim and plyo: A good start, but let's kick it in the pants a bit.
Yoga and pre-hab: Let's get this into the regular schedule. Being flexible and injury-free is important, too.

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