Friday, March 7, 2014

I ran outside! Again!

Enjoying another "heat wave" in the 40s today, I was able to get in a few miles before the sun set. It wasn't quite 40s by the time I made it out, but after the onslaught of polar vortex after polar vortex I'll take 30s and be glad about it.

It wasn't much of a run -- just a few miles around the neighborhood with some pickups -- but it felt good to get outside in the fresh air. I appreciate having a treadmill during the winter, but I much prefer the sidewalk.

And especially with daylight savings time kicking in this weekend, I want to start making it a habit to running on the trail near my office after work. As soon as all the ice and snow melts, of course.

About this time of year I always get into a "What layers do I need?" conundrum. Today I ran with my heavier tights, wool socks, short-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece, hat and gloves. I was a bit too warm -- I could have downgraded the fleece to a heavier shirt and gone with lighter gloves and a warm headband. The next time I go out for a few miles I'll probably layer too cold. I'll go back and forth until July when I'm suffering in shorts and a tank top. And I do this ever year -- ha!

But it's still small price to pay for running outside, in my book, at least.

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