Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week in review: 24 February-2 March

Here's a summary of this week: I've had better, I've had worse.

Swim: Illness and a birthday means I only made it to the pool once. UGH!

Bike: However, I bumped up my bike time by a lot. I added an extra 15 minutes to my two weekday roller rides to make them 1:15, and biked an extra half hour today to make 2:30. I spent 5 hours in the saddle this week, nearly half of all my training time.

Run: I ran OUTSIDE!!! We had a "heat wave" of temps in the 20s yesterday, so I rearranged my schedule, bundled up, and headed out. It wasn't bad once I got going and I know the fresh air and sunshine did me a lot of good. There was still a ton of ice on the sidewalks and roads, which was annoying. I did 9.5 miles outside yesterday, and two shorter mid-week runs on the treadmill. Three runs per week is an improvement, and I'll take it.

Other: I did a weights video mid-week and my heavy/body routine this weekend, and did my hip strengthening exercises, but skimped on yoga, plyo and my other pre-hab moves. I just plum run out of hours in the day.

Overall: About 10 hours and 45 minutes.

Time for my favorite chart again: Split times for women 34-39 at half-Iron-distance races:

And this past week without the "other":

Pretty close as far as the ratio goes, but I should NOT be swimming only once a week. If I had unlimited free time, I'd increase time spent on all disciplines equally, of course.

This week I want to hit the pool three times, get three mid-week runs in, keep with the additional time on the bike, and keep going with my weights streak. At this point I'd be happy with one time each of pre-hab, yoga and plyo in addition to that.

Now, off to bed early so I can get the week off to a good start.

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