Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March in review: Meh

I wasn't as consistent with my training in March, and it showed. I had a few days when I was just plain busy all day, a few days off for sickness or catching up on my sleep, and a few days out of town.

Swim goal: 3 times a week for a total of 16 miles.
Swim actual: 3 times a week for the first three weeks, and either sick or pool closed the entire last week, for a total of 14 miles.
Swim thoughts: Well, I started off OK..... And after my rage from being locked out of the pool last week inspired me to research every single Y I have access to for swim groups, I did find one that I plan on calling about. So, maybe that will pan out into something.

Bike goal: 3 times a week, long on the weekend.
Bike actual: I had to skip a few days here and there.
Bike thoughts: This was hit and miss due to sleeping all day one Saturday and being out of town another. I was good about adding a bit of time to both weekday morning and long weekend rides. I want to start riding outside as soon as the weather warms up next month.

Run goal: Consistent weekday runs, speed work, a long weekend run.
Run actual: I nailed three weekday runs three times this month — hooray! — and a couple speed runs. And I got a couple long runs in on the weekends, maxing out at 10 miles (on the treadmill, ugh).
Run thoughts: This was about as good as it was going to get this month, so I'll take it.

Other goal: Weights, yoga, plyo, pre-hab.
Other actual: I did all my mid-week weights videos — hooray! I only did yoga once, on my day off. I got my plyo moves in three times. And I only got in two rounds of pre-hab.
Other thoughts: At least I did a little bit of everything? I'm glad I am maintaining my weight training, at least. When it comes down to hours in the day, this stuff is the first to go, unfortunately.

Goals for April:
Swim: Get my butt in the pool consistently, truant lifeguards be damned.
Bike: Get outside a few times.
Run: Now that my long runs are back in the double digits, maintain that endurance while working in more speed.
Other: Keep the momentum up for weight training. Work in the other stuff in when I can. Get outside. Have fun.

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