Thursday, April 3, 2014

I crashed my bike... in my living room.


Have a good laugh at my expense.

I got up early to hit the trainer this morning. You remember that my setup is my old steel Huffy on an ancient trainer I "acquisitioned" from my parents. I hopped on and thought to myself, "Huh, my seat feels weird." Next thing I know, I'm flying across the living room.

My seat had worked itself off my post and slid off the back of the bike. I came with the seat, then the bike came with me. (You can see in the pics that it fell down the two steps in my loft.) I knocked over a lamp and a full glass of water in the process, and the water proved to the bigger pain to clean up. Neither my scream nor the crash woke up my husband. My triathlon bike was untouched, and I got away with just a few scrapes and a very bruised ego.

The most frustrating thing was that by the time I had mopped up the water and reassembled everything, I had to start getting ready for work. An early wake-up call for nothing! 

And this just after my Murphy's Law week of training. Maybe I should quit the sport and take up knitting?

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