Monday, April 28, 2014

Week in review 21-27 April: I need more hours in the day

Not too bad of a week. I didn't hit every workout I wanted, but I got most of my key sessions in. And I got some rest and play time in, too.

Swim: Three sessions at nearly an hour each time, for a total of almost three hours. I'm proud of myself for getting out of bed early and hitting the pool those three times.

Bike: I was just too exhausted to get out of bed for one of my weekday trainer rides, but I did knock out my other weekday ride and a longer weekend ride for a total of three hours, 45 minutes. I was hoping to go for an actual outdoor ride, but I ran out of time on Saturday, and it was pretty windy anyway. I ended up taking my bike and my trainer to an empty lot we own so the dogs could run themselves tired at the same time. It wasn't ideal, but I made it work.

Run: Three runs this week — one very easy jog with my husband, one great round of speed work, and my longest run since my fall marathon (12 miles) for a total of about three and a half hours. I did the speed work I most love to hate, descending 800s, and got the last one down to a 7:14 pace — which might be the fastest half-mile I've ever run. So yeah, I'm thrilled with that. I didn't have a plan for my long run yesterday, so I just kept going until I hit 12. In retrospect, my legs were pretty sore afterward, suggesting I did too much and should have cut it shorter. Oh, well.

Other: I did my usual mid-week weights video for just over an hour, but didn't get in any additional training.

Overall: Eleven and a quarter hours.

My weekend was a bit screwy because we celebrated my mom's birthday, and she wanted to come to town to do a few things. I can't deny the birthday girl what she wants, can I? Add in after-work events and commitments three nights and I just didn't have time for much extra.

But, I did get to sleep in both weekend days, and got to check out a new triathlon store, so it wasn't all gloom and doom. I would have liked to get a bit more weekday training in, but overall I think I struck a good balance this week.

And hopefully for this coming week, I can keep the mid-week distractions to a minimum and stay on task. Plus — there are no family birthdays this week. Ha!

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