Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Another day, another klutz-tastrophe

My bruises and scrapes are still healing from crashing my bike in my living room last week.

This morning was a swim day. I was doing my thing, and on one of my turns (open turns), my foot slipped off the top of the wall — and the top of my foot slammed down on the ledge. Owie! A few laps later I needed my kickboard, I only then did I realize that my flying foot had knocked over my water bottle and pushed my kickboard a few feet down the pool deck in the process. Whoops.

Later, not training related, my husband I were walking the dogs when they spotted a squirrel. My pit bull started to pull me over to it, and then I tripped over my lab... and landed face first in someone's yard. My pit bull dragged me a good six inches before I came to a stop in the dirt. My husband was able to ask me if I was OK before he laughed at me.

Just another day of mishaps in the life of a wannabe triathlete.

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