Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week in review 14-20 April: Well, it could've been worse

Well, this week wasn't as bad. I feel like my cough is getting better, finally, and my crazy work project has finally started to settle down. I'll take small victories as I can get them.

Swim: I was up all night Sunday coughing so I skipped my Monday swim as a result. But I did make it to the pool two other times for just less than an hour each time, making two hours total.

Bike: Two early-morning roller rides and one longer weekend ride. I didn't get my usual two and a half hours since I was short on time, but I did squeeze in two after I cleaned the house for Easter. In all, I was on the rollers for four and a half hours.

Run: One weekday medium run, one weekday speed-ish run, and one weekend medium run in gorgeous weather. Overall I racked up two and a half hours.

Other: One round of my plyo exercises and one weights video. No yoga, no pre-hab, no heavy weights... Ugh.

Overall: About 10 and a quarter hours.

I managed three two-a-days this week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning and preparing for Easter, and spent most of the day today entertaining family and eating for Easter. But I did get a roller ride in yesterday and a run in today, so the days weren't total wastes.

My goal for this week will be to burn off all the sweets I ate today for Easter! Although it'll probably take until next week, too. Ha!

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