Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid-week check-in

I have not much and a lot going on at the same time. The week got off to a bad start, but I managed to pick it up.

Work is still nuts, but my big project is hopefully wrapping up soon.

I'm still fighting this cough. Sunday night I was up at least half the night hacking up a lung, and ended up finally falling asleep sitting up in my chair in the living room, cuddled up with my pit bull. Of course the pool did not happen that morning. I've done okay for the last few nights, only waking up once or twice to cough. Taking an allergy pill before bed seems to help.

Neither me, my family, nor my husband's family wanted to cook for Easter, so we're all going out for brunch together instead. I've been cleaning my pigsty of a house a little bit at a time (I know it's just close family, but I have the motivation so I'm running with it!), and plan on setting out a bunch of Easter candy and baking cupcakes to nibble on before and after brunch.

I haven't been training as much as I'd like, taking Monday off to recover from my all-night hackathon. But I have pulled doubles both yesterday and today to try to make up a bit of ground, and soon as I turn off the computer and go to bed, I can get a good night's sleep to hit it hard tomorrow.

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