Friday, May 1, 2015

April in review: Adjusting to a new schedule, but the same old training

Interesting breakdown of the basics.

April has come and gone already. I can barely believe it. It was a tricky month as I lost almost two weeks of swimming because of a new work schedule, then had to adjust to a new pool. My bike and run didn't suffer as much, but I hardly got in any "other" all month.

I don't remember making any set goals, so let's just compare to March:

I'm going to maintain a few more days of swimming and biking. Eh, didn't quite keep this one up. I biked 4 times per week only twice this month, and I don't think I'll be able to get to the pool more than 2 times per week unless I do some amazing weekend time finagling. Still, what I AM doing I'm managing to hold consistently.

I want to hit 100 miles for running again. Success! I banged out 130 running miles this month, steadily increasing my total month by month. I feel like my base for summer racing is much stronger this time around.

I want to stay on my schedule of yoga, weights and pre-hab, seriously with the pre-hab this time. Didn't happen this month. I only got in a couple weights, plyo and yoga sessions each.

And I want to lose those three damn pounds! I remembered to weigh myself today and I am UP about half a pound from last month. UGH!!!

Compared to March, my overall volume wasn't bad. I didn't swim quite as much, but I am spending more time in the pool when I do make it there. I got on the bike a few more times, including going for an actual ride on the road TWICE, and ran the same number of times as March but for 5 more miles overall.

May is going to be tricky. I want to keep up that swim and run volume, and get out on the bike even more. Plus, I have my first race of the year over Memorial Day weekend! I'm not braving the lake water tomorrow, but by next weekend it should be tolerable. So my training sessions this month should have a focus on swimming smooth, biking strong, and running fast.

I know, I know -- easy to say, not so easy to do. But I am feeling good. I guess that first race will be the real test of all this training, planning and goal setting.

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