Sunday, May 3, 2015

Recent workouts: April's swimming time trial and a pain in my Yasso

January through April time trials.
Thursday was the last swim of the month, which meant a time trial. Since I'm swimming in a yard pool now, I figured 1,100 yards would be close enough.

Looking at straight time, you see I lost 18 seconds from my last time trial. But considering that's less than a second per lap, and now I have two more turns, I'm calling it a mild success. I feel confident with my first race of the season less than three weeks away.

Lots of 7:xx paces in there.
I know these aren't TECHNICALLY Yasso 800s, since I recover for 0.5 miles instead of 4:00, but half-mile repeats doesn't sound as snazzy. Anyway, love 'em or hate 'em, believe in 'em or not, I do these about once a month in the rotation of my regular speed work. If nothing else, it changes things up a bit.

I'm shooting for a sub-4:00 marathon so it is nice to see some sub 8:00-paced half miles in there, especially this early in the season. And those elevation gains of 13 and 16 feet are what pass for big hills here in southeast Michigan, so watch out!

It's been a decent week with some decent workouts, and I'm pretty pleased.

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