Sunday, May 10, 2015

A day of this season's firsts

Triple the fun.
Yesterday was my first really big triathlon training day of the year. It was the first three-sport day of the year, fitting in swim, bike and run.

It was also my first lake swim of the year and my first brick run of the year, too. The brick felt OK -- tired legs at first that picked up steam over the quick two miles. (That 17:03 works out to about an 8:32 pace -- not bad.) My bike was a pretty good pace for me, too. It's not very fast for you serious cyclists out there, but I've hit an average faster than 16 miles per hour the last two times I was on the bike, which is great for me.

Also, a good laugh for you today:

Do you think I need to work on my sighting? In my defense, not all the trees are in full leaf yet, so the shores don't look quite like how I remember them from last summer. Yeah, that's the excuse I'll use.

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