Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekend warrior

Nearly half of my training last week was over the weekend.
In case you missed it, or don’t memorize every word of my blog for potential dramatic readings, I had my first big, three-sport training day of the season on Saturday.

The temperature had hit 70s and 80s during the week previous, and I knew the small lake I swim in would be tolerable. And, oh yeah, I have a race in two weeks, so I should do a brick run or two before then. So, a three-sport day it was.

My husband and I had various commitments Sunday and had to shuffle our schedule, which ultimately led to an earlier start to the day. I started my long run when it was still early afternoon, and he was still busy doing whatever he was doing into the evening. So what else does one do when they have time to kill? Clean the house? Bah! She does a weights video, her plyo moves, and some yoga, of course!

When I added it up, I’d spent 3 full hours training on Saturday and nearly 4 on Sunday. Wow! Considering my week’s total was about 14.25 hours, that’s nearly a full half of my training done on Saturday and Sunday.

I don’t think I do a BAD job of training during the week. Ideally, I put in about an hour before work and about an hour after work most days of the week. I don’t have kids, I don’t work very many long days anymore (yay!), and I plan and prep meals ahead as much as possible. This all helps. But, realistically, I just don’t think I can do a 3-hour bike ride after work. Those long sessions just have to be done on weekends and the odd day off.

Sadly, as long as my full-time job is not triathlon, weekend warrior-ing will have to do. Or until they invent one of those time-turner devices from Harry Potter.


  1. I'm the same way... I aim for an hour before and after work, but that doesn't always happen. I usually do my long ride on Saturday and my long run on Sunday, so 4 or 5 of my hours will be on the weekend, compared to 10-12 total for the week. I think that's pretty normal for people with jobs. I keep looking for someone to spot a middle aged back of the pack triathlete full time, but no luck so far.

    1. Sadly, it will probably be this way until I win the lottery! I can't find the link now, but I remember one slower runner who got a running store to sponsor her with the argument that she was out there longer so more people would see their logo. =)