Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Going from meters to yards

The pool feels only slightly larger than this one.
Well! I finally made it back to the pool yesterday morning. And when I say "back" to the pool, I really mean that I tried a new-to-me pool with a more accommodating schedule and location.

The caveat is it's a 25-YARD pool, where the pool I've swum in almost exclusively since I started taking lessons four years ago is a 25-METER pool. (I know, they're few and far between, but this one was built in the last few years.)

At first, I was excited to try it out. "All right, I'll finally have some decent paces!" Well, not really. I'm still slow. Maybe even more so, since I'm turning more often. I did notice that I saw a slight time improvement in my longer sets.

Then, I realized that I was going to really have to pay attention to when I reached the end of the pool. I kept smashing my hand into the wall! Plus, I am afraid to try to flip-turn since there is a weird ledge at the bottom. I am a giant klutz so the potential of that ending badly is high. I've crashed my head into the wall more than once doing backstroke.

On my drive over I realized that my running and swimming has poisoned me against the Imperial system and I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how many yards would equal my typical workout in meters. Thank goodness for my phone converter app.

Side note: My new pool is WARM. Like, grossly so. For me, a cold-weather chicken, to say that a pool is warm is a big deal. Another thing I'll have to get used to.

I'll miss my meters, but the important thing right now is that I'm making time to get in the water and swim. And learning how to do math while doing laps, apparently.

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