Monday, April 13, 2015

Week in review April 6-12: Still on a step back

Not what I'd like to see this time of year.
Well. It looks like I needed an extra week to really get adjusted to my new, earlier work schedule. I'm still a few hours behind what my regular volume was a month or so ago, but I got nearly 7 more minutes of training in from last week, so... that's something, right?

I actually did made it to the Y that will likely be my new swimming hole of choice and have emailed their aquatics director about their morning master's, so I haven't been completely sitting on my butt. And, I had a great speed run and a great long run.

Also, randomly, I ran more than I biked this week. That doesn't happen too often, but it's the encouragement I need to try to get in the saddle at least four times a week instead of three.


Swim: Nothing this week. I had a hard time getting used to my new, earlier wake-up time. But I took the steps needed to get there in the future.

Bike: Three sessions, all on the trainer, two for 1 hour 20 minutes and one for 2 hours, making total time in the saddle 4:40.

Run: Four times, all on the road. Hooray! This worked out to a medium distance, a speed run, an easy run, and a long run of 12 miles. Totals were 4:44 for 30.25 miles, the fifth time I've hit 30+ weekly running miles this year.

Plus, I figured out a good way to get to the trail directly from my office, so I hope to do that a few times a week. Plus plus, by the time I hit the road to head home, rush-hour traffic has cleared. Win-win.

Weights and plyo: One weights video of just longer than an hour followed by my plyo moves.

Yoga: Nothing this week.

Pre-hab: Nothing this week.

Total: 9 workouts in just less than 11 hours.

I'm hoping that the kinks can be worked out this week. I know I can't be blowing off my swim workouts, and I'd like to continue with the other stuff that got neglected this week. It's just going to be a matter of me managing my time wisely.

I feel I'm on the right track for biking -- although I'd like to take my rides outside soon -- and running. Which is better than nothing. The goal will be to keep this momentum going and build even more.

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