Thursday, April 2, 2015

March in review -- more of the same

Improvements pretty much across the board.
March wasn't a bad month. I started off strong, took a week off for vacation, had another strong week, and then adapted to a new work schedule. It kept me on my toes, at least.

I didn't really make any new goals for March except to continue strong from February.

I'm going to maintain a few more days of swimming and biking. Pretty much a success! I swam three days per week for two out of the three weeks I could.

I want to hit 100 miles for running again. Success! 125 miles to wrap up the month makes for my best month since I was marathon training last fall. I've also hit at least 100 miles for eight out of the last nine months.

I want to stay on my schedule of yoga, weights and pre-hab, seriously with the pre-hab this time. Yeah, this one just didn't happen. I only got in a few sessions of each here and there. Sigh.

And I want to lose those three damn pounds! I actually keep forgetting to weigh myself so I'll have to update this later.

Overall, my volume increased for every discipline. I swam fewer times, but added more overall time in the pool. Bike was slightly increased from last year, and my run has really taken off so far this year.

I just hope this all translates into some fast race times this year so all my hard work is worth it! 

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