Saturday, April 25, 2015

Speed run suffering

This is the fastest I've ever run two miles since I started logging.
Look at those mile split times. LOOK AT THEM. Two in a row that start with a 7.

I had to go back to my logs to find the last time I've run two sub-8:00 miles: August of 2012. That summer was the last time I was doing any consistent training in the sub-8:00 pace range, when I was about to set what was then my marathon PR by 13 minutes.

The second mile gets an asterisk since I did have to stop to wait for a traffic light, but that 7:58, at the very least, was a hard-earned mile. Not bad for a run that I started out thinking, "I'll try descending my miles and see what happens."

If nothing else, it's reassuring to know that I can rock some fast (for me) miles this early in the season. I feel like I've got a good base as I enter racing season.

Last night's run had a bonus victory:
100. Again.
I passed the 100-mile mark, making April the fifth month in a row and the ninth out of the past 10 where I've hit 100 running miles. Not too shabby.

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