Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The workout that wasn't meant to be

So tired. (Note how the pit shares with her sister only the tiniest bit of sunbeam.)
I had every intention to get on the bike trainer for an hour or so after work yesterday, but...

1. I was tired. Sunday was a whirlwind of a long run, my mom visiting, prepping food for the next few days, and watching Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley (non-negotiable).

2. My legs were tight and sore from my 12-miler Sunday. I ran a bit faster than I had the week before, but what I really think contributed more than anything was continuing to walk and stand for the rest of the day. And I didn't get in my usual Sunday-night stretching.

3. I got home later than expected. There was a police situation (what on earth?) down the street from the grocery store I needed to stop at, and it took extra time to negotiate around all that nuttiness before I could finally find my way to the highway home.

4. The Wings were playing (and sadly, got their butts beaten). And yes, I could have watched the game while I was on the trainer, but...

4a. A friend wanted to go out for a drink to watch the Wings.

Eh, you win some, you lose some. Even though I got a lousy night's sleep last night (someone kept stealing the covers in his sleep) I was still up and at 'em early today for a swim. Back on the horse.

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