Saturday, April 4, 2015

Welp, I missed my speed run again...

They're as bad as human children.
Because of this mutt.

My pit bull mix had had surgery on Monday to remove a bump under her chin that wasn't healing. We had tried antibiotics, which hadn't done anything, and we decided that removing it was best. Also, we could send it in to the lab to make sure it wasn't anything too scary.

I had Friday off work and it started out a great day. I slept in a bit, made breakfast, walked down to the Y and swam 3200 meters in a packed pool. And I LOVED it -- I love all the energy (and slipstreams) that comes with grabbing the last half lane open.

I strolled home in the gorgeous weather in a good mood, made a mini-lunch, and got ready to go for a run before the rain came in. I put my Garmin in the window to catch a satellite, made up a sports drink bottle, and was in the process of putting my running clothes on.

My pit was chilling on my (her) bed and she rolled over for a belly rub -- typical. I took a peek at her chin and, to my horror, I saw that the stitches were pulling away from the healthy skin and there was a hole in her chin!!!

I did what any good dog mother would do and immediately called the vet, told (not asked) them I was on my way, and raced across town. Luckily, and kind of embarrassingly, they weren't as worried about it as I was, but stitched her up again and sent us on our way. The vet said something like, "If this happens again, it's not really an emergency," which probably meant, "You don't need to race in next time, you crazy dog lady!"

And of course, as I loaded her back up in the car, it started raining and the temperature started dropping from 60 to mid-40s. I had missed my window and I wasn't happy about it. And I was too depressed to go back to the Y to run on a good treadmill. I mean, of course I'm happy that I could take care of my dog before the vet closed, but what crappy timing!

Now, she's in the cone of shame, hanging out in her sunbeam, and giving me the stink eye for bringing her back to the vet. I am just hopeful I won't have to scrap my training plans again today for another dog-related emergency.

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