Monday, July 31, 2017

Week in review July 24-30: A solid summer week of training

Last week wasn’t bad at all. I logged some great running miles, had a decent outdoor bike ride, and lifted weights twice. I even squeezed in some yoga.

The weather was good all week and I managed to do at least something small every day, mostly outside. Other than not making it to the pool yet again (it’s now been over a month), I’m happy with my training. Heck, I’m happy any time I can get in 10 hours of training; these days, 10 hours is a great week.

One reason I got ahead of the game was I didn't do any training last Sunday, so I hit Monday hard with a track workout. I ended up running five times last week, which was an oddity. But, that track workout was my only non-easy run, so I don't think it was too hard on my body.
A lot of running but some decent other stuff, too.
Anyway, it was:

Run: Five times, all on the road, for 30 miles even in a sliver less than 4:45. I had a dilemma over whether to run an extra 0.1 miles for the month to hit 30, and my Type A-ness won out for the even 30. I saw a few 400s at a pace beginning with 7 on the track, so that was reassuring!

Bike: One easy spin on the trainer and one 35-mile road ride for almost 3 hours total. It was getting late and I almost called my ride at 30 for fear of traffic, but I was feeling good and managed to STILL be done before the road opened back up, so I made the right call.

Weights: One Jillian Michaels video mid-week and one heavy/body routine Saturday for 2 hours or so total. I really tried to challenge myself both times, do full pushups, not fake my squats, use challenging weight, etc. I definitely felt both of these.

Yoga: 20 minutes on my own Sunday evening while watching Game of Thrones.

Total: 10 sessions in about 10.25 hours. Something every day and three days doing two things. Wow!

I can't do everything, but I did a decent amount. I'm happy with the week. Now, let's get that momentum swinging into another strong week.

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