Sunday, July 9, 2017

People (and my Garmin) are jerks

In the last two weeks or so, I've run into a bunch of athlete jerks:

- The guy who declined to share a lane with me. I would have just climbed in, but in the second I stood there stunned someone got out of their lane so I just moved over. I'm rarely without a bitchy comeback so this was notable, haha.

- The cyclist who refused to shut her car door so I could park next to her and go for a run. WTF??? I ended up saying something snotty like, "It's fine, I'll just park all the way over there," mostly because I didn't want to give her an excuse to key my paint job.

- The family who parked their catering van blocking the entire parking lot of a popular trailhead for cyclists and runners. I get you reserved the pavilion, and I get you are expecting guests for your party, but you don't get the whole fricking park. Joke's on them, because I parked out of the way under a tree and my car stayed nice and cool.

- The idiot who pulled his bike PERPENDICULAR DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME while I was riding on a popular trail yesterday. To be fair, I yelled an obnoxious "Excuuuuuuuse meeeeeeee!" to which he responded, "It's not my fault!" OK, that's right, the bike became possessed by a spirit that forced you to pull directly in front of me and stop. Sure.

- And then my Garmin 305, which I've had for almost 7 years, decided to stop picking up satellites and started lapping miles at random times. I did a factory reset and it seems to be behaving a bit better, but now I have to remember to set all my auto laps and all that jazz. I lost a couple mile splits today because I had somehow set it to multisport mode. I mean, it's 7 years old. Since I JUST got a 25 for my bike and my Swim works fine, I would actually consider downgrading to a simpler 10. Although having the Bluetooth on my 25 is super nice.

Ugh! Here's hoping this coming week has fewer jerks.

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