Saturday, July 8, 2017

This made for an interesting bike ride

I've been feeling blah and unmotivated but today was absolutely gorgeous weather after storms yesterday evening, and I knew I'd regret it if I didn't get out for at least a short ride. So off I went.

Less than a tenth of a mile into the day, I saw this:
Oh, crap.

I had to hike up a hill, carry my bike over the guardrail, cross an intersection, and do the same thing in reverse. Another couple of miles up the way, another flood.

There was only one more but that was shallow enough to ride through, so I did. I ended up doing laps of the section with the most distance between flood waters, and it worked out fine. A few hours later the last flood had mostly receded and the second one had receded enough to ride through, so I only had to haul my bike up and down an overpass once on the way back.
water water water
It definitely made things interesting. I hope no one was planning serious training today.


  1. All that dismounting and carrying - you need to go do a CX race now ;-)

    1. I did joke with another rider that it was like doing an off-road course! XD