Monday, July 24, 2017

Week in review July 17-23: A mildly disappointing week

Not going to lie: I’m not super happy with how this week shook out. I had some small victories, but I had low volume across the board, felt like I only did the bare minimum, and had two days of doing absolutely nothing training-wise.

The weather wasn’t great, so one run got bumped down to a short treadmill run, and I didn’t ride outside Saturday. I rearranged my day yesterday to attend a friend’s party – which was a great time! – but that meant I didn’t get to do a long run or lift weights.

I don’t even remember what I did Wednesday after work. I probably laid on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

BUT there was some good in the week, too. I rallied through not feeling great Monday and went to track for the first time in probably years. It was a short workout, but it was better than the whole lot of nothing I really wanted to do.

I decided my TrainerRoad workouts were too easy and retested my FTP, coming in at 15 watts higher and probably where I needed to be in the first place.

On the day I ran on the treadmill because I just couldn’t deal with the heat and humidity I made it a double by following up with a weights video.

I ran outside when it was in the 90s and yeah, it was hot, but I did fine.

I actually did do some reading, relaxing, breakfast with a friend, and gardening so while there were two days I did no training, I was still taking care of myself. And I did a LOT of food prep yesterday (my main Sunday time suck) to get ready for this coming week.

I am bummed about the low running and weight lifting volume and the lack of swimming, yoga, and pre-hab. But working, eating and sleeping has to take priority.

I guess that’s enough complaining. By the numbers, last week was:
Bike, run, lift, have existential crisis.
Bike: Twice, both on the trainer, for about 27 “miles” in 2.5 hours. This was one, 1-hour weekday ride and one, 1.5-hour Saturday ride while it was 723 degrees, 200% humidity,* and threatening rain.

Run: Three times: once mostly on the track, once on the treadmill, and once on the road for 13.5 miles in about 2.25 hours. This was my lowest-volume week since the last time I was out of town.

Weights: Just one video for a bit longer than an hour.

Total: 6 sessions in a bit shorter than 6 hours.

They can’t all be high-volume weeks, I guess. I’m going to call this a retroactive recovery week and be optimistic about this week to come. At least I'll be well-rested!

*I may be exaggerating a tiny bit.

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