Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pure Detroit 5K 2017 Race Report

We ran a 5K this morning! It was super fun, close to home, and a beautiful day to get out and move our legs.

This is the second year for the race, and we've done it both years (last year's report here). It had a "brunch start" of 9 a.m. (I think it was 10 a.m. last year), which was the perfect time for us to get up at a not unreasonable hour, take the mutts out, have something to eat, and head over. We had a parking spot already lined up, so we picked up our bibs and took our shirts back to the car with plenty of time to walk around and people watch.

It was 70 degrees and a bit humid but not bad. The organizers counted us down right at 9 a.m. and we headed off. The course was about a mile north from the New Center neighborhood to Boston-Edison, down Chicago Boulevard for a bit to gape at the mansions, and back. We kept a pretty good pace for my husband, with a sub-10 for mile 3 and a kick for the finish. Yay!

Last year the course was short so I was happy to see we crossed the finish line in exactly 3.1. And we took home some pretty cool swag:
Cool shirt and glass.
We weren't setting any records today, but it was a nice day and the race was for a good cause. We were back home before 10:15 and cooking a breakfast feast before too long:
First I run, then I eat.
If you raced today, I hope it was great!

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