Sunday, July 30, 2017

Second July goal met: 100 running miles (kind of)

At least 100 miles for the last 6 out of 7 months.
I try to add up my weekly and especially monthly running mile totals a few days ahead of time so if I'm close to a goal, usually 100 miles for the month or 30 for the week, I can do an extra half mile here and there to bring me closer to that total. I had a bit of a dilemma yesterday when I was at 95.6 miles for July but 25.5 for the week.

So, do I run 4.4 miles for an even 100 for the month but 29.9 for the week, or 4.5 miles for 100.1 for the month but an even 30 for the week?

In the end I decided I would rather be a little over one number than a little under another, so 4.5 it was. I got up early today and knocked it out before my morning errands. It was slow and boring and a little sore, but I got it done.

That makes 6 out of 7 months for the year where I hit at least 100. Yay me! I have no real reason for 100 miles as a goal other than it's a nice, attainable round number. It's challenging but not so hard that it leaves me overtrained and/or injured.

I'll enjoy the rest day tomorrow but I'm back to it August 1.


  1. You are so consistent! Great work! (And well done on meeting the biking goal too.)

    1. Thanks! My 180-mile months are long behind me, but 100 seems to be a nice middle-ground goal I can meet without wearing myself down too much (hopefully!).