Sunday, July 2, 2017

June in review: Not bad running and biking

Approximate hours of training for June.
I have been forcing myself to go to bed at a decent hour these past few nights even though I'm on an amazing, fantastic, well-deserved four-day weekend right now. Last week wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but it never hurts to catch up on sleep. I was able to finish the month strong for run and bike and not bad for lifting and swimming.

The goals I solidly accomplished were:

Run 100 miles — I actually did 105. Yay!

Bike outside at least three times — I rode outside three times Yay!

The goals I semi-accomplished were:

Lift twice per week — Almost. I ended up doing five full rounds in seven sessions (breaking up my heavy/body routine into two parts, twice). I did well with doing a weights video or barre class during the week for the first half of month, but that fell off.

Swim once per week — Almost. I made it to the pool three times. 

The goals I didn't accomplish at all were:

Actually do yoga — nothing. Boo.

Actually do glutes/core/prehab — nothing. Boo.

Find time to relax, catch up on my shows, learn a new crochet stitch — I think I read two magazines all month, so I'm counting that as a nothing. Boo.

This is a slight increase in volume from May, which wasn't really a goal. But, it's always nice to log a solid month with a bit of volume increase. Plus, I was out of town here and there during June, so the fact that I missed most of a weekend and a few random days to travel and family, and still got in decent training, makes me happy.

I'd like to continue the routine of 100 miles running, 3 rides outside, lifting twice a week, and swimming once per week in July. We get five weekends this month but I've already been slacking and did NOT ride outside yesterday, and don't plan on a true long run today before we head out of town for a wedding. But, I hope to make up some of it tomorrow and Tuesday over the holiday to get the month off to a good start.

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