Monday, July 3, 2017

Week in review June 26-July 2: Run, ride, rest

Last week got off to a slow start with me taking Monday and Tuesday off work to celebrate Detroit and Windsor's joint International Freedom Festival and boat up and down the Detroit River with my in-laws. Monday was a full day off training, and I only did an easy run Tuesday before spending the rest of the day picking up my dogs, going grocery shopping, prepping food, and otherwise getting ready for the short work week.
I love this city...
I had good intentions to do a double one day during the work week by tacking on a weights video after a run or trainer ride, but I just couldn't summon the energy. I did get to leave work early Friday for another long weekend, which meant I got to do a decent speed run before the storms came through. Hooray!

Saturday morning was a little too leisurely with breakfast out and a trip to the market with my husband and one of our friends, so I didn't end up riding outside. I did do a two-hour trainer ride and my routine of heavy/body weights, although it was a struggle. That was something I had to mentally force myself to do and I'm glad I did, but man, I had no motivation. I did binge-watch the new season of Kimmy Schmidt while I was lifting and crunching.

Yesterday I had a smallish window in which to run before we headed out of town for a wedding. I squeezed in 9 miles before noon, when I absolutely had to be back home in the shower to be ready in time. I was so mad with myself when I ended up JUST under an hour and a half for that run and JUST under 30 miles for the week. But my husband reminded me, "Not every number has to be perfectly even." Ha!
Not pictured: Butt-sitting time.
By the numbers, it worked out to be:

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 29.75 miles (grrr) in about 4:45. This is actually a pretty speedy average for me, helped along by my 1-mile pickups speed run Friday during which I actually had to stop on the last fast mile so I didn't barf, haha. According to DailyMile it was the fifth fastest run during the past year, which is equal parts depressing that I've been so slow for the past year and uplifting that maybe I'm getting a bit speedier again.

Bike: Twice, both on the trainer, for 3 hours total. Both TrainerRoad rides and nothing out of the ordinary.

Weights: One round of my body/heavy routine in a bit longer than an hour, not counting all the Kimmy Schmidt watching between sets.

Total: 7 sessions in a bit less than 9 hours. Nothing to complain about.

I have another short work week this week but it's not looking like I'll do anything strenuous today -- there may be some barbecues and gardening in my future. I'm already booked for a barre class tomorrow and would like to run a few easy miles, but I'd also like to sit on my butt, watch TV, and read.

Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

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