Friday, June 30, 2017

100+ running miles for June!

Not going to lie, it wasn't looking great that I would hit 100 running miles for June. At the halfway point of the month I was only at about 35 miles.

But I rallied and added a half mile to my weekday runs here and there and got two 12-milers in these past two Sundays. I missed two long runs early in the month, recovering from traveling home from out of town the first weekend and spending time with family at an event the second.

As it turns out, those half miles here and there weren't necessary. I was keeping a close eye on my run totals and finished Wednesday's 6.5-miler at 97.75 total. But who goes for a 2.25-mile run? Not crazy runners like me, haha. So I went out for 7.25 so I could end on a nice, round 105 for the month.
Five for six this year!
(My backup plan was to do 2.25 on the treadmill if it was raining today, but I was able to sneak out of work early and beat the rainstorm. Hooray!)

I really have no desire to do more than 100 per month these days (January and February were high because of the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge) and my bad knee is a bit tender, but knowing that I can have a solid second half of the month is a good feeling.

Plus: July has five weekends, which means five opportunities for Sunday long runs. Bonus! I have a wedding this Sunday so it will be nice to have an extra few days to make up mileage here and there.

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