Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A belated but quick May in review

May training by minutes.
May wasn’t a bad month. The good: I hit 100 miles running, biked outside a few times, and even got in the pool twice.

The mediocre: Weight lifting was OK. The room-for-improvement: I only yoga’d once, and I didn’t do any pre-hab. At all. All month. Ugh.

I did log a few more sessions and a bit more time overall from April, so that is a bit of additional good news. I didn’t do any races, but I ended the month uninjured, so I'll accept that success.

Overall, it was:

Run: 14 times, 2 on the treadmill and 12 on the road, for 100 miles in just quicker than 16 hours. Not bad! That's exactly the same number of sessions and miles as in April, in about 3 fewer minutes. So, an increase in my overall pace by about a second, haha. And I'm happy to hit my goal mileage of 100 for the month once again.

Bike: 6 times, 3 on the trainer and 3 on the road for about 78 actual miles, in just quicker than 9 hours. (I'm still not sure how I'm going to track trainer "miles.") This is the same number of overall sessions as April, but I didn't get outside last month, so that is a win. I didn't make my goal of biking twice per week average but I did get outside one more time than my goal, so yay me!

Weights: 4 sessions (one was a heavy/body routine broken into two) in about 3.25 hours. This is EXACTLY what I did in April: one barre class, one weights video, and one heavy/body routine done over two days. My goal was to lift twice per week, so I have room to improve here.

Swim: Yay! I swam! Twice! I didn't swim at all last month (or, um, yet this year) so the bar was pretty low for May. I managed 3500 meters in two sessions in about 1.75 hours, yes it's slow but whatever. I wanted to do once per week, so I'll make that my goal for June.

Yoga: Only once for 15 minutes. Really?!? Ugh. I can't let this slack for June.

Pre-hab: Nothing. Again, Really?!? Ugh. I can't let this slack for June.

Overall: 27 sessions in just longer than 30 hours. An average of an hour almost every day is not bad! That's three more sessions and 3.5 more hours, so I'll take the overall improvement.

Not bad, not great, room to improve. Pretty much the definition of being mediocre.

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