Monday, June 19, 2017

Week in review June 12-18: My highest volume in a long time

The good news is I hit all my major workout goals last week: Four runs for 30+ miles, two weights sessions, two bikes, and one swim.

The bad news is I still couldn't squeeze in any yoga or pre-hab. I just plum ran out of time with workouts every day after work, a two-a-day on Saturday, and getting to my long run a bit later than I would have liked on Sunday before several hours of food prep. My swim Friday was also a bummer as I started freaking out in the pool and had to resort to kick sets.

But, I blew past that elusive 10-hour barrier with 11:45 of training this week. Flipping through my logs, the last time I did this much volume may have been last June. Wow! I am definitely feeling it today, but it didn't seem too much during the week. I felt like I was more limited by time than by physical limitations. I don't expect to do this every week, but once in a while feels pretty good.
A great week for volume!
By the numbers, it was:

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 31.5 miles in about 5:14. This included three easy runs on hot days and a slower-than-I-would-have-liked long run on a hot-ish, windy day. I'm not sure how much of the slow long run was cumulative fatigue and how much was the heat, but it probably was at least a little of both. I stopped and had water as needed all through the week and tried not to worry about pace.

Bike: Twice, one trainer ride and one road ride, for 48.8 miles (11.8 trainer "miles" plus 37 road miles) in about 3:25. I finally gave TrainerRoad a try and was pretty humbled. My road ride was good, not great — it was another hot and windy day and my speed wasn't that high as a result.  But I tried to be thankful that I was out there.

Weights: Twice, one barre class and one heavy/body routine in two parts (I wanted to save my squats and lunges for after my long run, so I did them Sunday), for about 2:20. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Swim: Once in the pool for an estimated 2000 meters of kick sets in about 45 minutes. I guess the good that came out of this is that I didn't get out and give up. Plus, I practiced flip turns for a bit; I succeeded at somersaulting upside down and occasionally reaching the wall with my feet, so I guess that's something?

Total: 10 sessions in just a hair less than 11:45. A great week!

I don't think I'll get quite as much in this week, but my main focus will be another high-mileage running week so I can hit 100 miles again this month. I'm a bit behind, but I think I can still pull it off. We'll see if the weather and humidity cooperate this week.

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