Monday, June 26, 2017

Week in review June 19-25: Another great double-digit volume week

I'm on a boat! It's the day of the Freedom Festival Fireworks, when Detroit and Windsor celebrate together our victories from the tyranny of the British (mwa ha ha!). I squeezed in my long run yesterday between mini-vacation errands and dropping the mutts off at my parents (one of my dogs is terrified of fireworks), and have been hanging out on my parents-in-law's boat for the day. It's been great and great recovery, too.

I did consider a swim in the pool at the club where they are docked, but it is seriously brisk today. It only broke in to the 70s for a short while. I could have used some of this cooler weather earlier in the week while I was trying to run ... sigh. I actually had to bust out socks and a sweatshirt while we were on the water today.

I tacked on an extra half mile here and there to my runs last week to get me closer to my goal of 100 miles for the fifth month this year, so I had a slightly higher run volume than the week before.
Run, run, run!
By the numbers, last week was:

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 32.75 miles in about 5:19. This is about an additional mile in about 5 additional minutes compared to last week, which I assume is because it was a bit cooler this past week.

Bike: Twice, one trainer ride and one road ride, for 45.5 "miles" (35 miles on the road and an hour on the trainer) in about 3:16. It has been windy, windy, windy on my road ride days which makes for some interesting 5-mile splits.

Weights: Only once this week, my heavy/body routine in two parts, for about 2:20 total. I have been saving my squats and lunges for after my long run instead of the day before and potentially tiring out my legs. I just ran out of time this week and couldn't squeeze in a weights video or barre class one day after work, bummer.

Swim: Once in the indoor pool for 2050 meters in an hour. I was trying to do 2100 to make up for a 1900 earlier this season, when I cut it early due to a killer calf cramp, but this time I got kicked out of the pool for lightning. Ugh! One lap to go!

Total: Nine sessions in just less than 11 hours. Wow! Not bad at all.

I took a personal day from work tomorrow, too, so I'm hoping to get in an easy run before picking up the mutts and doing all my usual Sunday errands on a Tuesday. I have next Monday and Tuesday off work as well (Hooray!) so I am hoping to get in a few two-a-days with the extra time off. We'll see if the weather and wind cooperate.

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