Saturday, June 17, 2017

Training lows, highs and funny

I've done quite a bit of training this week, so I have plenty of stories.

Bummer No. 1: I finally connected to Trainer Road and did my first official workout this week, an hour session that included a 20-minute threshold test. It was... enlightening. All of my power levels are ridiculously low. So, while that means I have lots of room for improvement, it was still depressing to see. I was expecting low, but dang.

Bummer No. 2: I headed out after work yesterday to my beloved outdoor 25-meter pool, now open for the season. I waited for the storms to pass, suited up, got in, started swimming... and immediately felt the beginnings of a panic attack in my throat. I couldn't get a good breath and was starting to freak out. WHY is this still happening in the pool, of all places? Is it an outdoor thing? I am so frustrated. But, not wanting to give up and waste my time (because I'm nothing if not practical), I did kick sets for the next 45 minutes and practiced flip turns.
Pool I didn't really get to enjoy. =(
High No. 1: I worked out every day after work this week, twice on Wednesday, and have already ridden my bike and lifted weights today (Saturday). I am feeling good about all my training.
Trainer Road followed by barre on Wednesday.
High No. 2: I successfully swapped out my bike pedals before my ride today! I was warned that pedals were tricky but I was lucky (or maybe I just know my way around a wrench?) and didn't have any problems installing them.

Funny: After I installed my new pedals I wanted to make sure I had them set to the correct tension. For some reason, I was thinking tight meant that they could release quickly and easily. Spoiler alert: It doesn't. Testing my pedals in the dining room, this resulted in me locking my left foot into my pedal, losing my balance, being unable to unclip on the way down, and falling hard on the floor. I was fine and the bike was fine and now I have a funny story. I loosened them and didn't have any problems on my ride.

I wonder what adventures await me this week!


  1. I wonder if the pool was a little colder than you're used to—that can feel kind of like panic, which then feeds on itself in a nasty downward spiral! (Also, if it was stormy, that would freak me out a bit, too.)

    1. It wasn't -- the clouds cleared out for a beautiful evening and the water is actually warmer than my indoor pool. I am thinking I just let myself get too far into my own head. Frustrating!