Monday, June 5, 2017

Weeks in review May 22-28 and May 29-June 4: Two for the price of one

I haven’t forgotten about my little corner of the blogworld. I headed out of town for a road trip last Monday afternoon, and just got back into town Saturday night. My husband was out of town the weekend before, so I wanted to spend a BIT of time with him Monday morning since I’m married to him, and all.

His being out of town did have a few benefits. I could train without worrying about him, make whatever I wanted for dinner and eat the same thing two days in a row, and get up early Sunday and run my final 7.75 miles to make 100 for the month again! Yay me! (We usually do a leisurely breakfast on Sundays.) I couldn’t go too far away from home, as I still had the mutts to worry about, but I got a decent amount of training in.

But since I was literally sitting in a car or on a plane for the vast majority of last week, I got very little training in. I did bring my yoga strap, and the hotels I stayed at had fitness centers, but, sadly, we always arrived late and tired and hit the road too early. Oh well — I’m not going to lie, it was kind of nice to have a week to not worry about training at all!

So, here’s two for the price of one:
Not a shabby week at all.
Week of May 22-28

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 27.6 miles in about 4 hours, 24 minutes. This included a couple of easy mid-week runs, my first track run in a long time Friday, and a “long” run of 7.75 miles Sunday morning to make 100 for the month.

Bike: One trainer ride of 12 “miles” and one road ride of 35 miles in about 3:15 total. I was frustrated with my trainer ride because I really want to use virtual power through TrainerRoad and I was at the end of my free trial month. I emailed customer support, who got back to me very quickly, and we determined that I need an ANT+ adapter in addition to my phone and Gamin devices already having Bluetooth. So, I sucked it up and ordered everything necessary and let my free month to continue into a paid month. Worst case scenario I’m out $12 for the month, and I’ve definitely spent more on stupider things.

My road ride was amazing. It was a beautiful day and since it was my third ride on my new (to me) road bike, I finally felt comfortable riding a bit faster. I feel like two hours is a good amount of time for me to spend on “long” rides and runs when I’m not really training for anything specific, and I was able to log 35 miles in about 2:10 (I have to end on a round number, or else). Hardly Cat 1 speed, but good for me this early in the year, anyway.

With the batch of TrainerRoad accessories I also ordered another of the same set of bike pedals I have on my tri bike. I was literally walking out the door to ride when I realized I had my bike cleats, but still hadn’t swapped out my cage pedals. That would have been an interesting ride! I figured if I have the same pedal, I can use the same shoe and never have to worry about it again.

Weights: I went through my heavy/body routine in two parts in about 1:20 total, which ended up being not only my exciting Friday night, but my exciting Saturday night, too. I think I watched Chef’s Table and took my time, gave belly rubs to the mutts between sets, etc. The usual. I knew I would get through my heavy/body routine on the weekend so I didn’t make barre or a video a mid-week priority.

Swim: I also got in the pool once this week, logging 1900 meters in about 56 minutes. Yes, I realize this is slow but it’s the third? second? time this year I’ve been in the pool. I am so mad about the 1900 meters — I got a foot cramp with two cool down laps to go and I figured I didn’t want to risk it. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even do those laps with a kickboard. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Total: 9 sessions in 9 hours, 55 minutes. I didn’t realize I was so close to 10 hours! I REALLY need to start adding up my totals Sunday afternoons. I totally would have (and absolutely should have) done 10 minutes of yoga to get me to the 10-hour mark.

Week of May 29-June 4

Absolutely nothing from Monday through Saturday. Monday (Memorial Day here in the U.S.) my husband and I went out to a nice breakfast and walked around downtown and the Riverwalk for a bit, but that was casual strolling. I had already hit my 100 running miles for the month, so I did all the last-minute packing and prepping for my trip instead.

I flew out Monday and Tuesday through Thursday I was on my butt in the car. I did a tiny bit of walking around Friday, but didn’t even bring my running clothes on this trip, and really didn’t have time to run, anyway. Saturday was a long travel day and I got home late and too tired to do anything.

I did run for 6.25 miles in just longer than an hour on Sunday, so that's my total for the week. I didn't want to do a "long" run after a week off and I had a lot of stuff to do anyway to prep for my return back to real life, but I'm glad I got in something.

I am already off to a good start today so hopefully a week from tonight I'll have another great week in review to share. Until then, let's see what the next few days bring.

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