Sunday, May 28, 2017

100 running miles for May!

I got up early and knocked out 7.75 miles to begin the day. Not going to lie — it wasn't my best run.

It was already kind of humid, and I'm not acclimated yet. My legs were still tired from a long ride and lifting heavy yesterday. And it was the first time I'd run early in months, so it was hard to get moving. My second mile beeped over at 10:0something, my slowest solo mile in a while.

BUT... I did it. And I even managed to run the last 1.75 a bit faster than the rest. So, minor success.
100 miles again!
And best of all, that run made 100 miles for the month. Hooray! I'm 4 for 5 this year. This feels like a good number of miles to shoot for per month — high enough to be challenging, not so high I end up injured (knock wood).

I'm out of town starting tomorrow so I don't expect to get in much, if any, training this week. Honestly, I am looking forward to a bit of a break after a full weekend.

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