Monday, May 15, 2017

Week in review May 8-14: A solid week, but not the weekend

A decent variety of stuff.
First, the good news: I swam for the first time this year, for the second time since summer. It went OK. Slowly, of course, but it felt almost good to get back in the water, and the feel seemed to come back to me pretty quickly.

I also managed three runs, a trainer ride, and a barre class during the week, but Saturday I worked a very long day standing on concrete and I couldn't do much else. I would have liked to squeeze in a run yesterday, but my mom came over for Mother's Day and spending time with her and prepping food for the week took priority.

Of course I wanted to do more, but by the numbers the week was:

Run: Three times, all on the road, for 17.25 miles in about 2:47. One of these runs was a slow lap around the neighborhood with my husband, but the other two were a decently paced easy run and alternating miles of speed work. I would have liked to do a long run, of course, but this was OK too.

Bike: Once on the trainer for an hour.

Weights: One barre class for an hour.

SWIM: Once in the pool for a mile in something like 50 minutes. Ridiculously slow, but I did a bunch of drills and just took my time to ease back into it.

Total: 6 sessions in about 5:37. Eh, that's still more than an hour a day on the days I did get training in, so it's not terrible.

I don't have a darn thing planned all week so I hope to get in it a bit more run, bike, and maybe swim this week. I'd love to ride outside, but we'll see what the weather does. Hopefully the weekend will be mine, all mine.

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