Sunday, May 21, 2017

A 5K time trial, because why not

So, I've said before, I've never actually raced an open 5K. I've done a bunch at the end of sprint triathlons, and I've jogged a few with my slower-than-me husband, but I've never actually RACED all-out, almost-barfing 5K without a swim and bike beforehand.

I try to do a rotation of quarter-mile, half-mile, and mile repeats on speed nights, but I couldn't mentally face round after round of quarter-mile repeats Friday night. I just did miles, so why not try for a 5K time trial? I don't remember doing one before, and I was on a route that allowed me to do 3.1 without stopping for traffic, so nothing was stopping me.

Verdict: Not bad, I guess? I clocked miles 1 and 3 at an 8:03 pace, which isn't too shabby for me these days. Hilariously, mile 2 beeped over at 8:27 ... quite a difference. But I was able to rally for a total time of 25:24, ish, with a bit of variance in my Garmin.
Not bad, considering.
I'll try to do another one in a month or so to see where I stand. Maybe I'll actually race one this summer — who knows?

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