Thursday, July 21, 2016

Race report: Pure Detroit 5K

A+ swag.
I honestly can’t remember the last time I did a 5K – I think it was at the end of my last sprint tri three years ago. It’s not because I’m a snob about them. I’m like a barbecue, low and slow, so my talent lies in outlasting all the people who start out too fast and fade, rather than running fast and staying fast.

But my husband has started to run again a few times per week and wanted something to show for his efforts, so we signed up for the Pure Detroit 5K a few weeks ago. It was cheap, it was for a good cause, it had cool swag, and it was right down the street from us. Win!

The race had a “brunch start” of 10 a.m. which was much appreciated. Yes, it was probably a bit warmer at 10 a.m. compared to 7 a.m., but much of the morning humidity had burned off by then. I had time to take the mutts out and make a mini-breakfast and coffee before we headed out to the site about 45 minutes before the race. (We had an “in” for a parking spot already planned out, so no worries there.) Packet pickup was quick and easy and we had plenty of time to drop off our goodies back at the car, people watch, and stretch and walk a bit to warm up.

The route started at one of Detroit’s landmarks, the Fisher Building, and headed north up Second Avenue for a bit before taking a short jog on Chicago Avenue and heading back the way we came. Chicago Avenue is in Detroit’s historic Boston-Edison neighborhood, which boasts gorgeous mansions, and it was kind of a bummer we didn’t get to see more of them. We cheered for the leaders as they passed us and all the other random people we passed and who passed us. It was a warm morning – the sun was out in full force – but we felt good. My husband only stopped to walk once at about mile 2, and it was only for a block or so.

Really, my only complaint was that the course was a bit short. They had plenty of water, bagels and granola bars at the finish, we had a police escort, the shirts were nice, the pint glass was a nice touch. It was a fun way to kick off the morning. I’d definitely do it again and really hope this was the “first annual,” as it was marketed.

Later that day, because all runners are at least a little crazy, I went out for another 9.1 miles in the heat of the day. Gotta get my long run in, even if it is in two parts.

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