Friday, July 1, 2016

June in review: An even spread among swim, bike and run

A pretty even spread with time descending by swim, bike and run.
Overall, June wasn't bad. Knowing my next race is swim and run only, I didn't get on the bike a whole lot. And although I've had higher swimming yardage in the past, this may have been the first-ever month I've spent more time swimming than anything else.
The last few months of swimming.
Swim: 10 times, 8 in the pool and 2 in the lake for 24,000 meters (I couldn't do that again if I tried) + 1750 yards, which works out to about 16 miles, in just longer than 11 hours.

Compared to May: I hardly got in the pool at all in May, so this is a significant increase.

Compared to last June: I also did two lake swims last June, but I did more pool swims this year, making this a not-so-significant-but-still-nice increase.
I was good about biking outside once per week this June.
Bike: 6 times, 4 on the road for 143.25 road miles and 2 additional rides on the trainer, for a total of 10 hours, 23 minutes in the saddle.

Compared to May: This is half the trainer rides but 4 times the road rides, so I'd say an overall success.

Compared to last June: I got on the trainer twice as often last year but didn't do as many road rides. Can we call this a push even though my saddle time was almost half?
A slow and steady increase.
Run: 11 times, all on the road, for an even 60 miles in about 9.5 hours.

Compared to May: An increase of 3 additional runs and 20 additional miles in 3 additional hours.

Compared to last June: This is another apples-to-penguins analogy since I'm still building back up this year, but I only ran 4 fewer times this June. The catch is I ran less than half of the mileage. Last year I was doing significant mid-week mileage and much longer long runs, so it added up.

Other: My weights, pre-hab, and yoga is about the same across the board, meaning sporadically and not often enough. I did a little bit of everything here and there.

2016 vs 2015: Not really a fair comparison, but I'm down from where I was in everything at this time last year. I'm not THAT far behind in swimming, not that far behind in cycling road miles but way behind in overall time in the saddle, and way far behind in running (to be expected). I'm also not training for a 70.3 this summer, so there's that.

A few things of note: For my yearly totals, I surpassed 100,000 meters swimming, hit 50 total bike rides and, eerily, my total running time for the year is 32:32:32. SPOOKY!

Not a great month, but a solid month. I did some hard work, did some easy runs, took it easy here and there, enjoyed some fresh air, and, hopefully, got just a bit better.

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