Sunday, July 17, 2016

A triathlete walks into a barre

Something new!
While I’m regrouping to focus on running (race report from this morning's 5K coming soon!) and strength-training for a while, I decided I want to try something new for strength-training this week. So, I hit up my first class at Detroit Barre.

I’ve been to various barre classes in the past, mostly when I was traveling for work or visiting friends in cities big and trendy enough to have a studio. I have a couple Bar Method videos, but they fell out of the rotation. So what better time than to give it another go?

And it was fun! I remembered to bring socks and wear capris. There as a lot of tucking and a lot of "seat work" (butt exercises), and my legs were definitely shaking before long. I liked that there were people of all sizes there; it wasn't just willowy women in Lululemon from head to toe. I kind of wish we had done more ab and arm work, and I thought about doing my pull-ups when I got home, but... I didn't.

I don't know if this is going to help my running in the long-term, but if changing up weight-lifting routines helps keep me interested and focused allowing me to get stronger, then I am all for it. Plus, I enjoy trying new things and supporting local businesses. Win-win!

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