Thursday, August 3, 2017

July in review: Actually not as crappy as I expected

Hours trained in July.
Work has been really busy lately and I've been staying later, which means I have less time in the evenings to work out, cook, run errands, etc. That means I haven't been training as much and I haven't had as much time to write. Sad face.

But, I had a happy face when I added up my totals for the month. I ran a little less than June, and I didn't swim at all, but I biked, lifted weights, AND practiced yoga more this month. I'll count that as a win x 3.

Run: 100.1 miles this month, in 17 total runs. This makes 6 out of 7 months so far this year I've hit 100. Yay all around! This was almost all shorter runs between 3-7 or so miles; I only had one double digit run of 12.5 miles early in the month. Since I'm not training for anything distance-wise it just hasn't been a priority. I did make it to track twice for the first time in maybe years, so that's awesome.

Bike: 9 times, 6 on the trainer and 3 on the road. This was a significant increase from June trainer time, from 3 to 6 sessions. Hilariously, my road miles increased by a whopping 1 mile, from 102 road miles in June to 103 in July. I was also happy to make my second goal of riding outside three times, taking advantage of a popular route being closed to car traffic on Saturdays.

Weights: 7 sessions this month, in a mix of videos, barre classes, and my own heavy/body weight routine. This was also an increase from last month from 5 sessions. 7 is just about twice per week which was a goal, so yay!

Yoga: I actually did some yoga this month! It was about an hour and a half overall in 5 quick, solo sessions. It's a big increase from zero last month so I'll take it.

Overall I worked out 38 times for just over 38 hours. Not a shabby average at all. Last month I did 30 sessions in about 35.5, so those quick yoga sessions did make a difference but accounted for most of the less-than-an-hour sessions.

For this month I want to keep up with my 100 running miles and 3 rides outside routine, while continuing to put in trainer time, lift twice per week when I can (I'm already not going to make twice this week), and yoga. I want to work toward a 5K PR, since I've never raced an open 5K, but I haven't decided yet if I have to do it at a race. (Because, you know, it's hot in Michigan in August.)

I was seriously thinking about quitting swimming all together but had an inspired moment today and ordered myself a bunch of new swim gear to get myself back in the pool. I also sent an email to someone who organized a master's group that isn't TOO far from my office. So, "Get comfortable swimming again" is on my goal list as well.

TL;DR: July wasn't that bad and I hope August doesn't suck, either.


  1. New swimsuit or something else?

    1. Some fun toys -- a kickboard, pull buoy, mesh bag, all in lime green of course. (All the pools I use have gear but I kind of wanted MY own gear in a fun color.) And some goggles and ear plugs because you can never have too many of those.