Sunday, August 6, 2017

Holy hills

I was reading an Ironman race report the other day and the athlete mentioned that his secret weapon was running hills once a day. I started thinking, there's a sledding hill on one of my regular routes. What if I tried running up and down it a few times per week?
Approximation of the sledding hill I ran up and down Friday.*
So I tried it Friday. Guys, it's Sunday evening, 48 hours afterward, and I am STILL sore. And sadly, I only made it up that stupid hill about five times. And I don't think I made it up all the way one time without having to stop halfway through and take a breath.

I DID have every intention to run up and down it a few times on the way back, but there was a wedding party taking pictures at the top and I didn't want to be That Girl.

Although it was super hard, it was fun. And now I have something to work toward. Maybe next week I'll try to run up it six times.

*Not really. This is Mt. Everest.

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