Friday, May 30, 2014

Nothing to see here

I haven't been doing much training, so I really don't have anything to report.

I took a few days off after my last race for the Memorial Day holiday, and spent an extra day or two catching up on sleep instead of hitting the pool early. I did get up early yesterday to get on the bike trainer, and today to hit the pool.

I'm going out of state in two days for about a week, and I'll pack my running clothes and a swimsuit or two, but I'm not expecting to get anything serious done.

I'm totally OK with this. There's still nearly three months until the 70.3 I've been eying, and I feel like I have a good base from the winter to carry me through a longer stretch of off days.

Once I get back, I'll buckle down. Until then, I'll enjoy a few easy days and maybe even some off days.

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