Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Tale of Two Aprils – April in Review, Part 2

About halfway through the month, I started to panic.

I had an Olympic-distance triathlon coming up in mere weeks and I was feeling undertrained. So I decided to look back at my training for this time last year and compare how I was doing, volume-wise.

Now, I’m feeling a bit better about the whole deal. I ran a marathon in the middle of last April, so my run mileage was a lot higher last year. But, my swim and bike mileage was higher this year.

By the numbers:

Swim: 10.5 miles last April, 14.625 miles this April.

Bike: 10.75 hours, with 16.5 miles outdoors last April; 16.75 hours, all indoors, this April.

Run: 85.25 miles, including a marathon, last April; 54.4 miles this April.


I was also more consistent with weight training this April, but less so with yoga and pre-hab. (Meaning, not at all.)

I still need to get my bike outside and on the road, but I’m feeling better about my overall volume. Even though I was only training for a sprint last year, my volume was pretty much the same all summer.

If I can get my bike outside in these next few weeks and do a few bricks, I think I’ll be OK. Three weeks to go!

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