Saturday, May 3, 2014

April in Review, Part 1

I didn’t really set goals for this April since all of my monthly goals have been the same so far this year: Swim three times a week, bike three times a week, run, lift weights, etc. etc. etc.

I did want to bike outside a few times, which I didn’t do. The weather and my schedule just haven’t aligned yet. However, a popular running and biking trail closes to traffic every Saturday for a few hours starting this weekend.

I have done one 12-mile run, which was rough, and most of my runs have been outside. I consider that a success.

By the numbers:

I swam for almost 15 miles in 11 swims. That works out to be almost three times per week, so I’ll take it.

I rode my bike for 16.75 hours, all on the trainer.

I ran 54.4 miles, mostly outside.

I did four weights videos during the week, but didn't lift anything heavy. I did some plyo and stretching, but no formal yoga and no pre-hab.

All in all, a pretty good showing. I admit I'm starting to second-guess whether or not I'll be ready for my first triathlon of the season at the end of May. I guess the teller will be whether or not I can get my bike outside and get a few bricks in.

More details forthcoming...

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