Monday, May 5, 2014

Week of April 28-May 4: Everybody’s training on the weekend

It was a stressful week for both work and other. I had a few late-ish nights at the office, and my home lost some of its power for a few days, leaving me without wi-fi. (Although I was much better off than my neighbors who lost their hot water heater or fridge.)

I made it work by nailing my morning workouts, no excuses. And when I was working too late to do my usual Wednesday evening weights video, I got up at an early-even-for-me 4:30 a.m. Thursday to do it after my usual Thursday bike trainer ride.

Swim: Three sessions for about an hour each time, for 3 hours total. I went a bit longer than my baseline 2000 meters two days, and called it at 2000 the third even though I hadn’t quite gone an hour. It worked out in the end.

Bike: Three trainer rides, two during the week for an hour and 15 minutes (including the one that started after my 4:30 a.m. wake-up call), and one longer on the weekend for two hours and 30 minutes, for 5 hours total. I really wanted to take my bike out on the road this weekend, but it was drizzling and windy during my window Saturday when a popular trail is closed to traffic. So it’ll be extra important that I get on the road this coming weekend.

Run: I didn’t get a single midweek run in, but I did do speedwork late in the day Friday when I was finally done with work for the week, one mile for a quick brick after my trainer ride Saturday, and 12 miles on Sunday. This worked out to be 18 miles in 3 hours. Four days off, three days on – no biggie. Nah, I’m kidding, I know this isn’t ideal. Work stress just got to me and I didn’t make it a priority during the week.

Side note on the run: I only ran about a minute faster for 12 total miles than last week, but this week felt a lot easier even though it was a LOT windier. I had gone to the running store for new shoes immediately beforehand, so maybe that had something to do with it. (I had brought my old shoes and left them in the car just in case, but it turned out they were fine straight out of the box.) And I’m feeling a lot better today compared to last Monday. So, I’ll take that as progress that I’m slowly getting used to long distances again.

Other: I did my usual mid-week weights video, although early Thursday instead of after work Friday; my heavy/body routine for the first time in a month on Saturday; and my plyo circuit after my heavy weights Saturday. I also did some yoga stretches for about 10 minutes during a conference call Monday and after my run Sunday, and am totally counting walking (because the garage door was out) to the grocery store during the brownout.

I did not do any pre-hab this week; again, just not a priority. Still, it worked out to 3 and a half hours of "other."

Overall: 14 hours, 29 minutes, which is a very good week for me.

I actually just surprised myself adding up those numbers. I wasn’t expecting to see that I had trained so much. So, it just goes to show that if you can’t nail all your workouts, stick to the ones you can, even if it means you have to get up at 4:30 a.m. one day.

Hopefully I can avoid that this week… and any more power failures, too.

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