Saturday, May 24, 2014

Island Lake Olympic Triathon race report

I'm somewhere in there.

I honestly didn't know what to expect going into this race.

I'm in a new age group this year, it's only my second Olympic-distance race, and since my first was last summer, I've obviously never kicked off a season with one. Would all my training over the winter translate to a decent race?

I would have loved to make the podium (prizes at this race are bottles of wine, guaranteed to be used in this house), or set a PR, and my ultimate secret goal was to qualify for Age Group Nationals. As it turns out, I did none of these things.

Still, I learned a few important lessons:

Swim: I need to practice sighting in open water. I got lost in the lake at least once, almost to the point of panicking. However, my time wasn't too shabby for me, so I also need to keep chugging away in the pool. It was reassuring to see that my work is paying off a bit.

Bike: More time on the bike. This discipline is my weak point and I need to work on it. I also need to get comfortable with things like downhills, reaching for my water bottles or nutrition, and riding in aero.

Run: I didn't do too badly on the run compared to the rest of my field, but I could tell that I've lost some of my speed. Speedwork needs to get back in the rotation.

However, it was a beautiful day, some of my family came out to cheer, and it felt good to shake off the dust and see where I stood. And, I got some cool spoils of racing:
Now, to build off today's race for a strong summer!

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